Green Grass That Lasts

Green Grass That Lasts

Try out hydroseeding services in Plainview or anywhere in Wabasha County, MN

You want your lawn to be lush and green, not dry and brown. There are several ways to make sure your lawn stays healthy - one of which is hydroseeding. Luke's Landscaping LLC can help you get the results you want through hydroseeding services in the Plainview and Wabasha County, MN area. Often used in new construction, lawn hydroseeding is a popular alternative to sod. You can use this technique to grow a healthy lawn that enhances your curb appeal.

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What is hydroseeding?

Lawn hydroseeding is the application of a mixture of grass seeds, wood and fibers. The mixture is sprayed as a liquid and quickly locks to the ground as it dries. The seeds won't wash away with the next rainstorm - once dry, the mixture is there to stay. With a little bit of time, your property will be covered in healthy, green grass.

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