Make Your Land Look Stunning

Make Your Land Look Stunning

Start with getting landscaping services in Plainview or Wabasha County, MN

No one will notice how beautiful your home or business is if your landscaping looks overgrown and unkempt. That's why the right landscaping services are so important. Luke's Landscaping LLC can transform your property through planting, mulching and sod installations. We've been in the landscaping industry serving Wabasha County, MN home and business owners for over 20 years. You can trust us to improve your property.

Discuss your landscaping goals with us now to get started on your projects.

Landscape design is all about details

What's your landscaping vision? You can add any elements you like to your yard when you work with Luke's Landscaping. We'll handle every detail, including:

  • Planting
  • Mulching
  • Sod installations
  • Garden bed tear-outs
  • Garden bed additions
  • Retaining wall additions
  • Decorative rock additions
All you have to do is tell us your goals. We'll create a design you love and provide a free estimate on the project. Make an appointment for professional landscaping services in the Plainview and Wabasha County, MN area today.